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Advanced Centrifuge Repair

Alfa Laval

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Alpha Laval Decanter Centrifuge

Alfa Laval Centrifuge Repair

Decanter Centrifuge Service That is Quick and Dependable 

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuges lose efficiency with time due to vibrations, wear, and clogging, resulting in decreasing output yield. You can ensure peak performance and reduce the risk of unplanned production stops by servicing them on a regular basis. Our local service locations have the skills and knowledge to help you get the most out of your decanters. We also service Alfa Laval Separator Centrifuges.

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge
Alfa Laval Decanter

Getting a Centrifuge Inspection Is Easy

Call Centrifuge World to schedule an inspection of your centrifuge.  We will dispatch one of our trucks to your location, all you have to do is load it onto the truck. Our driver will deliver your centrifuge to our shop, where we will perform a comprehensive NDTI on it. 

After Inspection of your Centrifuge

Following the NDTI, you will receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for the services required and parts needed to proceed with the repairs.

If you agree, we will execute the repairs and return your centrifuge in Top Condition, operating at Peak Performance.

Alfa Laval Separator Centrifuge Service

ALFA LAVAL Separator AX-215S-31B-50

Improving the efficiency of your Alfa Laval machinery 

Alfa Laval Continuous, high-speed centrifugal separation is a challenging process whether your application requires solids removal, clarification, purification, or polishing. And while centrifuge maintenance isn’t always scheduled, Centrifuge World has service centers all over the country to assure quick service and the level of expertise you’ve come to expect from the Industries Leading Centrifuge Repair Shop. – all while minimizing downtime. 

We Take Pride in Providing the Following Services: 

  • Maintenance And Cleaning Procedures – Includes a full inspection and cleaning of the bowl, inlet/outlet, and disc stack. 
  • Hard-Surfacing – Mechanically polish or coat disk stack or bowl surfaces, which is critical for all applications. 
  • Welding – Restore the original state of your centrifuge frame, skid, pipework, or inlet/outlet. 
  • Balancing – Bowl vibration is reduced, and overall separation performance is improved. 
  • Complete Testing – Prior to return shipping, each Alfa Laval centrifuge is tested at full operating speeds. 

Our factory qualified specialists inspect, clean, and replace gaskets, seals, and other genuine parts, starting with simple annual check-ups. Disk stack centrifuge reconditioning or bowl balancing, as well as bearing and gear replacement, are more thorough servicing alternatives. 

Regardless of your application, Centrifuge World recommends that each high-speed separator be serviced or maintained at least once every 8,000 operating hours, or once every 12 months.

Maintaining Your Alpha Laval Centrifuge

To keep your equipment running in top operating condition, maintenance is essential. So, take advantage of our expertise, call our service engineers to help troubleshoot maintenance issues or set up an appointment for inspection. 

Repairing Decanter and Disc stack Separators, Pushers & Peelers

When rotating equipment requires repair, Centrifuge World provides the following services for our decanters and disc stack separators:

  • Standard maintenance, when service in the field is not convenient
  • Welding of areas damaged due to mechanical, chemical or erosion attacks
  • Refitting of wear parts, such as o-rings and gaskets
  • Replacing worn out or damaged items
  • Executing upgrades
  • Balancing static and/or dynamic equipment based on needs and available equipment
  • Conducting a test run, depending on the equipment

Schedule a Tour of One of Our Repair Facilities 

Capabilities –  Feel free to call 1 (800) 208 6075 to schedule a tour of one of our plants or click here to contact us:

Service and Customer Support

We are not the Alfa Laval OEM but we do service their products. We also service various other OEM brands, including Westfalia, we’re your trusted partner for seamless operations.


In Case Of An Emergency Breakdown

Centrifuge World is here for you when you have an unexpected breakdown that needs to be resolved quickly. If this is the case Call – 832-338-4990. We are here 24/7 365 and will respond expediently according to your request. Rush Service Repairs are available and ready.

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