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Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge

LYNX Decanter Centrifuge Repair

LYNX Centrifuge Repair  Rebuild Your LYNX Centrifuge Centrifuge World offers comprehensive reconditioning and repair services for LYNX decanter centrifuges, which are performed at Centrifuge World Service

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Alfa Laval MRPX 418

Alfa Laval MRPX 418

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Model: MRPX 418

Capacity: 25.000 Litres/ Hour

Motor power: 37 kW

Base plate included complete with tolls and control panel.

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Alfa Laval BRPX 417

Alfa Laval BRPX 417

Alfa Laval BRPX-417SFV-31CGL Desludger Disc Centrifuge, stainless steel construction (product contact areas), clarifier deisgn (liquids/solids), centripetal pump liquid discharge, belt drive configuration, max bowl speed 4000 rpm by 55.5 hp/73 kW – 380-415 volt/50 cycle/ 3 hp drive motor.

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Used-Alfa Laval AX-215S-31B-50 Desludger Disc Centrifuge.

316 stainless steel construction (product contact areas), clarifier design.

Max bowl speed 6840 rpm by a 45 hp/30 kW belt drive motor 380/3/50.

Complete with control panel.

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Ellerwerk Centrifuge RepairFiltration & Clarification

Settling Tanks

Features and Advantages of Settling Tanks Large water volume for added retention and greater settling time Large water volume stored above bags provides greater static

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Westfalia Centrifuge Repair

Beer Centrifuges

A Brewery Centrifuge is an investment. It will increase your productivity while being more green. You will use less water, energy, and cause less waste.

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Sharples P5000

Alfa Laval / Sharples

Alfa Laval is the pioneer of separation technology. From high speed disc to large volume decanters, we got you covered! Text or Call us today.

Centrifuge World has a range of service offerings to enhance the performance of your equipment. Depending on the nature of the service. These services are performed at one of our specialized Centrifuge World Service centers located in Houston, Texas and Chicago Illinois.

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