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Advanced Centrifuge Repair

Sumitomo Gearbox Repair

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Sumitomo Gearbox Repair Bearing

Centrifuge World specializes in Sumitomo Gearbox Repair.

We are the Number 1 Go-To for Eccentric Sumitomo Gearbox Rebuilding. As you may know, Sumitomo has a reputation for it sustainability and hi torque loads. They are almost indestructible, but when one breaks down they can be a pain to repair or replace. Centrifuge world makes this process incredibly easy for you. We have the ability to either refurbish your gearbox or fabricate a new part, or fabricate the whole Sumitomo Gearbox from scratch!

Sumitomo Gearbox Repair

Sumitomo Centrifuge Drives provide the differential speed between the bowl and the conveyor and the torque for the conveyor. Moreover, the perfectly balanced housing is connected with the bowl and turns at the bowl speed. In addition, the output shaft of the centrifuge reducer is connected to the conveyor and transmits the torque which is needed in oder for solids transport. Thus, the input shaft can be locked by a torque arm or driven by a back-drive motor to provide the necessary relative speed.

Cyclo Gearmotor Before
Cyclo Gearmotor Before
Cyclo Gearmotor After
Cyclo Gearmotor After

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We also provide Mixer and  Gearbox rebuilding services.

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