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Dairy Centrifuge Repair Services


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Dairy Centrifuge Repair Services

At, we specialize in the repair and maintenance of dairy centrifuges, particularly Alfa Laval and Westfalia disc stack centrifuges. We aim to ensure that your equipment functions seamlessly, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing operational downtime.

Free Inspections
and Logistics

We recognize the crucial role centrifuges play in dairy processing. Therefore, we provide complimentary inspections to evaluate the condition of your equipment. Our efficient logistics support guarantees that your centrifuge parts are transported to our facilities effortlessly, regardless of your location.

Flexible Repair Options

Our experienced technicians are equipped to manage both comprehensive rebuilds and specific bowl repairs. We possess the expertise to repair components that even the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) might consider beyond repair, ensuring your centrifuge is returned to you in prime condition.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Service Packages

Our Preventive Maintenance service packages are crafted to avoid unexpected equipment failures by providing regular maintenance tailored to your specific operational needs.

Post-Inspection Process

After inspecting your centrifuge, we’ll provide a detailed report outlining the necessary repairs and the parts required to complete the job. With your approval, we will proceed with the repairs to restore and enhance your centrifuge’s efficiency.

Repair Services

Whether it involves standard maintenance, specialized welding, or parts replacement, covers all aspects of centrifuge repair. We also offer custom upgrades, balance adjustments, and test runs to ensure your equipment meets the required performance standards.

Centrifuge Parts Supply

We stock a vast range of OEM parts for Westfalia centrifuges. If a part is rare or back-ordered, our skilled team can reverse engineer and produce the necessary component in a matter of days.

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