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Centrifuge World offers repair and reconditioning services for centrifuges from many of the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring the optimal performance of your equipment. We are the largest provider and rebuilder of industrial centrifuges in the United States.

Choose Centrifuge World for quick and hassle-free solutions tailored to your needs. We can custom manufacture hard-to-find components for your equipment, eliminating the lengthy lead times for parts on backorder from other suppliers. More importantly, our team can rebuild machines faster than original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ensuring your equipment returns to peak operating condition as quickly as possible.

Boost the performance of your GEA Westfalia centrifuge with the help of our expert engineers. Enhance productivity minus the costs with our professional services, from standard maintenance to refitting and equipment balancing.

Alfa Laval PX95

Keep your Alfa Laval centrifuge in tip-top shape with the help of our experts. Reduce downtime in your operations and cut losses from production delays. We offer comprehensive repair and rebuild services for all Varonesi centrifuge models.

Enhance your Aldec (Alfa Laval Decanter) centrifuge’s performance with the expertise of our skilled engineers. Our professional services, ranging from routine maintenance to comprehensive refitting and precise equipment balancing, are designed to increase productivity without incurring high costs.

Optimize your industrial processes with our professional basket centrifuge repair services. You can keep your sugar refining, chemical and pharmaceutical separation equipment in excellent working condition with professional repairs and maintenance. We work on all makes and models, whether hydraulic, electric, top-load or horizontal.

Rebuild your Decanter centrifuge with us and make the most of your separation equipment. Our engineers can fabricate hard-to-find parts to keep your operations moving. Minimize downtime and avoid production backlogs with service from the experts at Centrifuge World.

G-Tech Decanter Centrifuge Repair

Rebuild your equipment’s planetary gearbox and other components with the help of our specialists. Ensure the optimal performance of your machinery with precision repair and rebuilding services from highly qualified engineers. Reduce operational downtime with an industrial centrifuge service you can rely on.

Westfalia Disc Separator

Whether it’s a Westfalia or Alfa Laval separator centrifuge, our engineers can handle any kind of repair and rebuilding work. Have peace of mind knowing your valuable machinery is in good hands.


Source hard-to-find centrifuge parts for your machinery with our in-house fabrication service. Avoid the long wait for OEM parts and get your equipment up and running quickly. Let our specialists help you reduce downtime and avoid production delays with the best replacement parts solutions.

Emergency Centrifuge Repair

At Centrifuge World, we provide emergency centrifuge repair services to prevent operational delays. Call our representatives at 1 (800) 208 6075 to request rush repair service.

Centrifuge Sales

Centrifuge World carries a range of high-performing industrial centrifuges. Beyond offering repairs and rebuilding, we sell machinery to clients looking for reliable equipment. Choose between our as-is and rebuilt machinery purchase options and find a centrifuge that meets your needs and budget. Contact the specialists at Centrifuge World today.

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